Get to know me

Hi there!
I’m Jahanzeb Kadir a.k.a Jakes.

I’m a creative professional with a knack for taking pictures and writing.

A curious mind, I have eclectic tastes.
However, over the years I’ve realized the one thing that drives me is the passion for writing. All those years of reading Enid Blyton, Roald Dahl and Frank W. Dixon, to name a few, sparked the interest.

After a thirteen year career ranging from sales and customer services to communications for non-profits, I figured I needed to break free and venture on my own.
Now, I’m a full time writer, photographer and most of all a free spirit.

A serial wanderer, you’ll find me exploring places, talking to people or just observing things.
I have a keen eye for detail that I put into words.

Join me as I give you my view of the world around me.