Broken Silence


Would you please accompany me to the dining area? That 40 year old coworker’s gonna be there and he makes me uncomfortable‘ said my colleague, her eyes teary.

Despite a well defined HR policy against harassment, the coworkers never filed a complaint against the because of his age and status.

On countless occasions, I’ve acted as a human shield for my friends. What’s surprising is I’m short shrifted with nothing intimidating about me and yet only my presence wards off potential perpetrators.
Luckily, my uncomfortable experiences only include ridiculous pat downs at security gates or seriously annoying eye contact. Many of my friends, especially women, have had alarming experiences.
The hashtag’s all over social media with people sharing dark memories of being sexually assaulted. What’s intriguing is the large number of guys sharing their experiences. It’s alarming how harassment spans across all genders, ages and cultures.
While the internet’s been a cathartic venue since decades, what’s surprising is how victims are no longer hiding behind aliases. This is a much needed social change since it is only logical for the perpetrator to hide and not the victim.
I’m glad to be part of the internet generation where people can initiate change at a global scale.

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The Retort- Power of Human Bonds

I’m playing my part in raising awareness on mental health issues by writing short fiction and inspirational messages.
Unlike other illnesses, mental health issues normally don’t have outward symptoms. But those who suffer, are crumble within. Be sure to show your support.
Educate yourself to help people battling mental illnesses.Not all moods are a phase or can be cured by an overnight sleep.

Suicide is Preventable

I’m playing my part in raising awareness on mental health issues by writing short fiction and inspirational messages.
World Health Organization estimates that 1 million people put an end to their lives every year. Suicide can be prevented if everyone knows that it’s OK to be depressed and that it’s treatable.
Play your part, spread the message.

Different strokes

To commemorate World Mental Health Day, I’m trying out something new. I’m going to write super short stories about fictitious characters with mental health issues. The aim is to show how debilitating certain conditions can be and yet go unnoticed.

Some level of anxiety helps us keep our goals in check but when it overpowers our life, that’s when it needs to be sought out. It is essential to know the difference.
I am but a mere writer and NOT a mental health practitioner. So if you think there’s some inaccuracy in the descriptions, feel free to point them out.