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Are you good with kids?

I’ve found Quora as a great source of inspiration for writing. Some questions just strum the right chords and get you writing. Recently I came across a question that sparked an sudden flow of words, I think the response is worthy of sharing on my blog. Please read it below:

Do I yell ‘Get off my lawn’? No!

Do I deal with children every day? No!

What age range are we talking about? Toddlers? Teenagers? Babies and toddlers, well I try and stay away from them. I mean they’re fragile and as clumsy as I am I really don’t want to hurt someone. I’ve worked with primary and secondary school students and never had an issue connecting with them. Continue reading “Are you good with kids?”

Posts, Working for non-profits

Taming second graders, primary school is tricky

Everyone put your heads on your desks and keep quiet”, a line most commonly heard in primary school. Having been a hyperactive kid with the attention span of a puppy the teacher’s instructions always brought out the ‘what the hey’ from the voice within. I needn’t mention who got to stand outside the class for making noise. The 1990’s were primitive when it came to disciplining.

Continue reading “Taming second graders, primary school is tricky”